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February 8, 2011


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danbo test by Brigitte-Fredensborgdanbo test by Brigitte-Fredensborg

The name "Danbo" comes from Danboard.
It's a character from a series made in Japan

Danbo became very popular not only for fans of the series but also for photographers.
This little plastic robot (no, it's not made of paper) can show a lot of different expressions and it's posable. It has movable parts at the legs, arms and the head!

It's a wonderful model because it doesn't move at all!:giggle:

There is still a discussion going on if it's female or male.
My Danbo is a girl and her name is Ashley!:nod:

I would like to introduce :icondanbo-addict: to you

A new Group for all Danbo-Lovers and for those who are interested now and want to become one!

Have a look at these wonderful works made by our members

look a bubble. by sam-hunt  :thumb192467537:  Broken cup - Danbo 04 by Rooch-abdulaziz

Danbo loves Lady Gaga by BelindaCarlisleFan  Goodbye ... by aoao2  Daisy by KIRSTIEisHERE

:thumb194712924:  Envole-moi by 10thapril  Danbo by onixa

Gary and Danbo Together by fernz03  Thinking by arifpras  Peek A Boo I see you ..... by Yuffie1972

one365-39 by SFC-Auratus  danboard by dbenediktus  Danbo by the Beach by Macaroni-Pieces

Day 018: Danbo's Homeless by twong314  there are light n hopes by tanjordy  snow on trees by malex80

Here is my heart for you.. by Noukiej  Evolution by filsru  Look at that by JackFost

Travel. by chessdinah  Danbo: give me thaaat by eivven  danbo turns to rambo by majgreen

Danbo in the Rain by blue-brandon  Danbo by Jake5768  Lonely Danbo by SaiogaMan

Butterfly by arcoirisphoto  :thumb196094465:  Just The Way You Are by AngeliqueRaindrops

danbo loves dorcsi by Hemaka86  Danbo Valentine by pg-images  Danbo - Japanese Gardens by Leminton

CilukBaaa by tieq  :thumb188202575:  Danbo the Dj Slave by BehrSebastian

walking with danboard by heoni  A surprise for Danbo n Wall-E by shoggy  :thumb195341096:

Life Is Beautiful by antontang  Danbo with Itouch by kitinggiling  danbo's friend by Estelar

Danbo's Myspace Photo by mnmjen  Danbo_me by faintart  danbo series : waiting by rachelmyrna

Looking at.. by microshiroku  Sweetheart by Kameolynn  Life In Colours by Smile-Chii

Mr and Ms DAndo by SlowpokeLittle  What Happened When Papa Asleep by odoll  Danbo is Set and Ready by transparencia

Happy Valentine's Day by AlexanderPompa  Danbo Straight edge 5 by RyanKim  Explorer by RiotSong

:thumb195746849:  Danbo Island by jost1  We are walking in the rain... by Brigitte-Fredensborg

Hope to see you soon in :icondanbo-addict:

and in case you don't own a Danbo yet, here are pre-cut stock images for your use.

DANBO Sixpack by BFstock

Have fun :iconboogiewoogieplz: and please take this news article as :+fav: to spread the news! :iconthankiesplz:
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Sarah-BK Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I want to know where to get one of these! :D
Search for Danboard on eBay! :D
Sarah-BK Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I searched eventually :D.. they're so expensive :(
They are, that's true! :hmm:
Sarah-BK Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh well :)
Found a really great template/tutorial on dA, so when I have some time I'll give that a go and have my own Danbo which wont cost me even 1/100th the price of the plastic version :D
Great idea! Good luck :iconluckwishyplz:
Sarah-BK Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks! :)
kalinascope Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012
Hmm, is Danbo from Yotsuba&! ? Just curious...
That's right! :D
Danboa Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Wonderful information :clap:

When I get my Danbo it's going to be a call her names going to be Danboa that's why I made it my username.
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